• Andrew Catchlove

Broken trust hurts the team

Trust between any two parties is the cornerstone of productive relationships and sadly, the person who decided to leak the footage, whatever their motivation, has erred badly in judgment. From an outside perspective, this betrayal not only affected the two public facing journalists, but it will also be some job for the to rebuild team cohesion and ultimately trust between all team members that will allow them to do their best work. I began to ponder how I would deal with this if I were presented this situation and here’s what I produced.

  1. Have a clear stance and a strong view on what happened from an organisation and team perspective.

  2. Acknowledge what happened and outline the course of action to deal with it.

  3. Move the team past the who and why as quickly as possible. In the short term there are more questions than answers and until you have those answers, speculating will only let the situation fester.

  4. Use inclusive language. This incident happened to the team – not just the two individuals on screen.

  5. Be empathetic. It’s my experience than people generally turn up to working willing and able with a good attitude and this kind of incident can alter that mindset so understand why some people will take it harder than others.

  6. Invite questions, leave the door open and listen.

  7. Empower the team to move forward and get back to doing great things. The American Football Coach Bill Walsh once noted the four most powerful words for extracting top performance are “I believe in you”. Get the team back on track and they will surprise you with how good they can be when asked for the supreme effort. “Nobody will ever come back and thank you for asking too little of them”.

  8. Wrap it up (don’t let it fade away). Once the matter has been dealt with, close the book on it and everyone can move forward together.

Famed author Simon Sinek is credited with saying that “a team is not a group of people who work together. It is a group of people who trust each other” and keeping that trust whole should be a priority for any member of a team.


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